Steelstat becomes a ResponsibleSteel  Associate Member

Skarn Associates works closely with Steelstat, which has recently become an associate member of ResponsibleSteel, a global multistakeholder standard and certification initiative.  Steelstat provides worldwide in-depth steel plant and company-level GHG emissions research. As the world’s steel companies commit to net zero emissions their path must start with comprehensively researched emissions data. 

Steelstat continuously tracks the detailed operating processes, material flows and emissions at steel plants and extends upstream to raw materials including iron ore and coking coal mining. The result is a uniquely comprehensive emissions picture for each steel plant facility comprising the whole supply chain to finished steel.

Steven Burchell, Co-Founder Director of Steelstat commented: “We are delighted to be joining ResponsibleSteel  and look forward to sharing knowledge and expertise in support of its drive to make standards and certification accepted and widespread throughout the sector. Having comprehensive, up-to-date approaches to measuring emissions which accurately reflect the industry is of critical importance. Steelstat plays a key role in this challenge and is proud, with its connection to ResponsibleSteel, to be part of the wider drive for environmentally responsible production of net-zero steel.”

Skarn Associates looks forward to continued collaboration with Steelstat in developing full steel supply chain GHG analytics. 


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Skarn Associates is the market leader in quantifying and benchmarking asset-level greenhouse gas emissions, energy intensity, and water use across the mining sector.

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