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Since early 2020 Skarn Associates has established itself as the market leader in quantifying and benchmarking asset-level greenhouse gas emissions across the mining sector.

We currently offer mine-by-mine GHG Emission Intensity Curves for cobalt, copper, nickel, iron ore (seaborne), gold, alumina-aluminium-bauxite, metallurgical coal (seaborne) and zinc.

This analysis quantifies GHG emissions along the supply chain at a granular (asset) level. We have defined supply chain system boundaries to facilitate like-for-like comparison of assets - essentially we cover emissions from mining activities, ore processing, transport and downstream processing, up to the first-use entry point. Our analysis of these commodities covers global mine production.

Corporate ESG

Decarbonisation of the global economy will require significant growth in production of copper, nickel, cobalt, lithium and other metals. The challenge facing mining companies is to meet this demand while reducing their environmental and social impacts. ESG impacts are becoming critical components of investment risk assessment.

Skarn Associates quantifies these impacts by applying our expertise as mining industry analysts.

  • Understand the assets: resources, production schedules, mining and process methods.

  • Benchmark key drivers: energy intensity, sources of energy, water consumption, land use.

  • Reconcile between the input (for instance energy) and the output (carbon emissions), taking into account all of the available data.

Forecast ESG impacts - for example, GHG emissions, based on projected operating rates, changes in energy intensity and energy source. The result is unique forward-looking and bottom-up ESG research, tailored to the requirements of fund managers, project financiers, miners, project developers, royalty and streaming companies, industry bodies and governments.

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GHG Curves

GHG Emission Intensity Curves

Carbon intensity curves by mine for copper, aluminium, gold, nickel, zinc, iron ore and metallurgical coal

Corporate ESG

Corporate ESG

Compare mining companies' key ESG metrics - launching Q3 2021

Gold Mine ESG

Gold ESG

Forward-looking asset-by-asset analysis; reconciling ESG impacts with underlying technical drivers - launching Q3 2021

Copper Mine ESG Benchmarking Tool

Copper ESG

Forward-looking asset-by-asset analysis; reconciling ESG impacts with underlying technical drivers - launching Q3 2021