Quantifying Mining Sector GHG Emissions, Energy & Water Use

We provide GHG Emission & Energy Intensity Curves for all major mined commodities. These are built up from detailed asset level data, utilising our expertise as mining analysts. We are continually extending our analysis into new areas. In due course we will add research into land use and ecosystem impacts.


Our analysis covers around 3,000 assets and 600 companies. Our research products are used by mining companies of all sizes, project developers, fund managers, project financiers, royalty and streaming companies, industry bodies and governments.

The principles which underpin our work are:

  • Understand the assets: resources, production schedules, mining and process methods.
  • Reconcile between the input (for instance energy) and the output (GHG emissions), taking into account all of the available data.

The market leader in quantifying and benchmarking asset-level environmental impacts.

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