Skarn's use of cookies

In order to comply with data protection laws in the EU, we must inform you about what data we store and process about your interaction with the Skarn Associates website. Like many other websites, Skarn Associates stores cookies on your browser. Cookies are small pieces of text and code that allow us to manage the way you navigate the website, and are limited to the following:

  • Session information (skarn) remembers what filters you have used when you browse the Tools & Data page. It also allows us to keep you logged in should you open a free account with us.
  • Request forgery protection (XSRF-TOKEN) prevents another website from pretending to be you and filling out form information on your behalf.
  • Cookie consent (skarn_cookie_consent) appears when you click the "Accept and consent to cookies" button in the footer, and prevents the notice and button appearing on the website again.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics so that we can analyse how customers use our website. This allows us to monitor what links are clicked, how long you spend on each page, what approximate location you are accessing the website from, and what browser and operating system you use.

The information we gather through Google Analytics is exclusively used for internal measurements and site improvements. We do not sell or publish any analytics data.


By clicking the "Accept and consent to cookies" button in the footer of this website, you agree to the data collection and analysis as outlined above. If you do not agree to cookies being stored and your use of the website analysed, please close the Skarn website.