Platinum Group Metals:

  • Data is presented from the mine perspective, providing a complete view of supply chain emissions associated with the production of PGMs from mining, refining, base metal and PGM concentrate smelting
  • Smelting emissions for PGM concentrates vary considerably, depending upon the composition of the concentrate (high/low chrome, Merensky/UG2/Platreef/other ores).  In our methodology base metal concentrate smelting emissions are fully allocated to the primary base metal in concentrate with precious metals being free-carried. Refining emissions are allocated based on 6E production output
  • Includes emissions for minority shareholdings which are often excluded in company sustainability reports

Emission data is presented as total tonnes of CO2e and tonnes of CO2e per ounce of PGM.

Users can view data on a platinum, palladium or rhodium equivalent basis, or on a 4E or 6E PGM production basis. Data is also available for ruthenium and iridium.

For PGMs  E0 and E1 emissions are defined as: 

E0: Scope 1 and 2 emissions at mine site.

E1: E0 plus emissions from concentrate freight, smelting and refining to produce refined PGM metals.

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